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I'm a professional problem solver, who uses inquiry, creativity and a bit of magic to drive change. 


Photo by: Chris Chung


I believe in the power of empathy and communication to drive and create change. My curiosity never ceases, driving connection to ideas and seemingly disparate concepts in order to dig deep into challenges at both macro and micro scales. Keenly observant, I am always interested in how one thing relates to another and have a gift for simplifying the complexity I see. 

Classroom teacher, employment trainer, Professional Scrum Master, strategic dialogue facilitator, lifelong learner​.


Con't Education.

Masters of Design

Strategic Foresight and Innovation (2015-2018)

Ontario College of Art and Design


Focus: Building Collaborative Environments Human Factors, Foresight

Design Thinking, Systemic Design, Strategy Development, Business Model Innovation, Innovation Leadership

Bachelor of Education

Secondary Education (2010)

Queen’s University


Focus: Curriculum Development, Social Justice in Education, Educational Philosophy


Bachelors of Arts (Honours) 

Social Geography and Contemporary History (2005-2009)

Queen’s University



MOMA Learning: Teaching with Themes



Project Management and Development 


Professional Scrum Master Certification



Mindfulness Practitioner Course

Level I, II, III & Master (2018)


Non-Violent Communication

Foundation 2 (2017)


Vipassana Meditation

10-day Silent Retreat (2015/2017)


Intro to Web Development

Brainstation (2016)


Conflict Anticipation and Management

OCAD (2016)


Appreciative Inquiry Foundations

OCAD (2016)




Collaborative Design Strategies 

Collaborative Futures 

Widenfield Climate Strategy

Green Wood Coalition


Systemic Design Association


Design with Dialogue


Speculative Futures: Design Futures Initiative

Jenny is a gift to any team. She is insightful, creative, and a systems thinker who sees opportunities to add value or create efficiencies at every turn. Jenny is interested in people's stories and makes others feel seen and appreciated.


Ruby Knafo / Client & Team Manager

What people are saying about me >

Jenny has a very unique talent of synthesizing complex thinking into engaging storytelling. In a moment where teams have to balance convergent and divergent thought, this is a unique “bridge skill” that allows projects to benefit from both. Jenny is also an avid researcher and quickly connects topics to relevant and related trends, academic studies, general literature, and even case studies.

Her relational skills are also quite an asset. By having a keen eye for human dynamics she is able to identify strengths and opportunities within her stakeholders and add that layer of knowledge to create solutions that are, not only human-centred, but inspired, authentic, and custom-built for her challenges.

 Tieni Meninato / Co-Creator

Climate crisis and justice, technological impact and integration, organizational strategy and gender parity, restorative justice, community building and social cohesion, design thinking and innovation education



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