I'm a professional problem solver, who uses inquiry, creativity and a bit of magic to drive change. 

Photo by: Chris Chung

I'm different sort of designer. 

Educated in the discipline of innovation, scrum facilitation, foresight, and strategic design, I am a different sort of consultant equipped with human-centered design skills, and future-oriented design research methodologies used to solve problems, and help to increase an organization’s innovative and competitive qualities. 


What drives me.

I believe in the power of empathy and communication to drive and create change. My curiosity never ceases, driving connection to ideas and seemingly disparate concepts in order to dig deep into challenges at both macro and micro scales. Keenly observant, I am always interested in why things are the way are and am not shy about engaging. 

I am a conceptual thinker who can strategically analyze hypothetical situations, patterns and abstract connections to formulate connections and generate innovative insights.

I operate with a growth mindset, have a deep comfort with ambiguity and have spent countless hours fostering the introspective skills of reflection, self-awareness, and resilience. I thrive in teams environments and am invigorated by co-creating. I aim to build relationships that work to understand the needs and motivations of others, in order to better understand how my skills or knowledge can be used to support and grow the people and projects I am involved with.

I have a proven ability to execute projects which combine knowledge, curiosity, imagination and evaluation to achieve desired results from teams, clients and superiors.


Where do I want to make impact?

Climate crisis and justice, technological impact and integration, organizational strategy and gender parity, restorative justice, community building and social cohesion, design thinking and innovation education



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