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CALL FOR COLLABORATION! A future envisioning project.

[YOUR TOWN] 2070: An Experiential Future

“With experiential futures, we are paradoxically creating real memories of hypothetical experiences" - Dr. Stuart Candy

[YOUR TOWN ] 2070: An Experiential Future, is a community based world-building project which brings your citizens together to physically create a 'felt sense' of a potential future. This project would lead your community through a traditional foresighting project aimed at increasing Future Literary amongst your citizens and culminating in an immersive Time Machine art exhibition depicting aspects of your town in 2070.

I'm looking for partners to collaborate and grow this vision!

The process of world-building would occur in 3 phases:

Phase 1: I would facilitate a curriculum that guides citizens and community stakeholders in a process of wondering; imagine [YOUR TOWN] 2070.

How might commerce change? Supply chains? Community engagement? Community entertainment and play? Business associations? Service providers? Community wellness programs? Etc...the possibilities of what to imagine are vast!

The curriculum includes: identifying macro and micro trends and signals (ie. pandemic aftermath, meme culture, automation, climate crisis), establishing shared values for our community’s future (ie. democratization, environmentalism), illuminating assumptions (ie. government accountability, social contracts) and critical uncertainties (ie. recession, environmental collapse, mass migration, artificial intelligence) which may impact our world in 2070.

Phase 2: We will bring our learning to life, creating a thematic and immersive experience based on what future you’ve imagined, ideally in an accessible public space. A good example of what this could look like comes from a previous project on the Future of Food; a Food Museum exhibit where ‘extinct’ food items (coffee beans, cocoa and bananas) were displayed.

Phase 3: We will transport our community members into 2070, collapsing their sense of time and creating a new ‘now’. We would run immersive art experiences and gather insights as to how being situated in the Future might jar or inspire present thinking.

If you think YOUR TOWN or COMMUNITY would benefit from a Future Envisioning project - please reach out. Let’s co-create the Future together!

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