Trend Tracking

A process of monitoring the current environment in a systemic way in order to capture signals which indicate trends. These trends are then integrated and used as part of discovery and scenario development to advise product or business strategy.

Comprised of over 100 signals and 25 trends, this deck was used to develop a future-forward business and sourcing strategy for a grocery chain at the precipice of change.
The landscape of personal wellness is evolving at a rapid rate of impacting marketing, technology, work and healthcare. Greater need for health individualization, connection to self and attention to true demographic needs can be highlighted as outcomes in this deck.
This deck is part of an ongoing conversation looking to understand the signals which indicate a shift to the more integral values our society and environment are yearning for.
This deck was used to develop a strategy for an educational institution looking to understand how theory, praxis, offerings and cost may have to change to align with the future of work. The future of education and work are intrinsically linked. As we look to imagine new educational models we must understand how the world of work and skill development are changing.
This deck was used to inform a business development strategy for a client looking to transition their production company into the new media landscape. As new forms of content sharing and production expand the industry, the future of media is far more democratic. As the effects of the attention economy are made clearer, new forms of monetization beyond ad structures are being called for.
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